Here the young chef orchestrates his cooking with beautiful notes, which brings out harmonious melodies where nothing is left to chance. His experience in France and throughout the world and his relentless curiosity leading to powerful tastes. Slow cooking over a long time finds smoked vegetables with a thousand flavours.
He's returned to where he grew up here in the cevennes where he uses fresh healthy products from local farmers and freshly fished trout from the river. Our meat from d 'Aubrac where the cattle are raised freely, left to produce only the most sublime mouth-watering meat.
By his philosophy of work, the chef gives mind and soul and heart to these wonderful local products offered by this land of exception.
He will seduce your most sensitive taste buds and talk to you about cooking with passion and love and leaving you wanting more.





The Wines


Curious, surrounded, we leave you to discover our regions rich wines from all horizons. Whether light, tannic or flowery our menu expresses all the beauty of the delicate work produced by our winemakers.

You can enjoy by the glass or the bottle with professional advice to accompany your meal or whatever you desire at that moment.







The Suppliers

Anxious to work with local products, we made the choice to collaborate with producers near us. They provide us with first quality products which enables the chef to highlight our regional products through his knowledge.
Talented, responsive and available, they offer us the opportunity to achieve fresh and local cooking.